Zoom Security Tips

Just about everyone today is using the video conference software Zoom. It’s easy to use, works on almost any platform, and has a free version.  Everyone has also heard about recent “Zoombombings” where random people enter the meetings and disrupt them by posting pornography, screaming out racial slurs, or other inappropriate things. So what do you do to prevent these “Zoombombings” from happening during your meeting? Here are a few tips:

Don’t publicly share your meeting info

Don’t share your meeting information on public social media platforms like Twitter. Anyone is able to see the information, jump in on the meeting and disrupt it.

Don’t use your Personal Meeting ID for your meetings

Use a randomly generated ID that can be chosen in the Meeting ID section of Zoom when you schedule your meeting.

Use a Password

Enable a password so you can control who has access to your meeting.

Disable “Join before Host”

This helps prevent attendees from getting into the meeting prior to your arrival. This helps curb anyone from starting trouble before you arrive. This option is located under Meeting Options.

Enable the “Waiting Room” option

This will let you see who is waiting to be let into the meeting. If you do not recognize someone you can choose not to let them in.

Other Privacy Options

Other options you should disable are the remote control option, screen-sharing for non-hosts,  file transferring, and the auto-save feature for chats. All of these options are located in the Settings section of your account.

Using these tips will help you gain more privacy and keep uninvited guests out of your meeting.