Podcast Episode #2 Notes & Links

If you listened to episode 2 of our podcasts we talked about a number of free or cheap software tools that you can use to help your businesses fill it’s IT needs. This blog has links to all those tools plus a few more I thought of after we recorded the episode. There is often an inherent distrust of anything free and for good reason. Any company has to earn its money somehow. Are they selling your data? Are they installing malware with their software? These links are products we’ve used ourselves and are widely recognized as both safe and useful.


Free Tools

  • Disk2VHD: This is a free tool released by Microsoft for backing up whole volumes to a VHD file
  • KeePass: KeePass is a great free tool for saving your passwords securely
  • OpenVAS: OpenVAS is a Linux based tool that scans your network and reports on any known vulnerability

Bargain Tools

  • iDrive: This is a great tool for backing up both remotely and at a point in time. At just $7 a month for 2TB, it’s one of the best bargains we’ve seen
  • NordVPN: Protect your privacy on the internet with this service. At $4 a month, it’s a bargain too