Small Businesses are Prime Targets for Hackers

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Small Businesses are Prime Targets for Hackers Going After Small Businesses IT Systems Small businesses may think they are safe from hackers and cyber attacks. They may think that they are too small to attract attention from hackers. The problem with this line of thinking is that hackers prefer easier targets not bigger targets. The […]

RTO And RPO – Why Should Managers Care


RTO and RPO – Why Should Manager Care RTO and RPO Is About Business Continuity A business is not immune to those interruptions that affect its services or operation. These interruptions can come at any time and can either be a result of a natural disaster or some other interference that stops the business from […]

Incorporating IT into your business goals

IT Security Laptop

Incorporating IT into your business goals What if one of your main goals as a business owner is to work more outside of your office, maybe on the road touring the US or sitting on a beach enjoying the sun? Do you know if you will not only be able to connect to the office […]

Zoom Security Tips

Zoom Security Tips Just about everyone today is using the video conference software Zoom. It’s easy to use, works on almost any platform, and has a free version.  Everyone has also heard about recent “Zoombombings” where random people enter the meetings and disrupt them by posting pornography, screaming out racial slurs, or other inappropriate things. […]